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IntCH S'Cess Tubby Little Cubby All Stuffed With Fluff CA CCA SWN SIA

Sire: Can. Ch. Millstones I Plead The 5th
Dam: Greengate's Love Over Gold

Winnie is such a pretty girl and was such a sweet addition to our lives. She has a gorgeous head, beautiful expression, and a great rear angulation. Where she really shines is her true passion to work. She has a work ethic and love for both life and humans that we fell in love with. She has a knack for scent work and is actively racking up titles in the sport. She is also obsessed with dock diving and loves obedience. She is currently working on her CD. We believe she has so much potential with all that drive. She also has a perfect "off-switch" where she can just snooze on the couch all day. But as soon as you pick up a leash, she is very excited to for work!

Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

Eyes: Normal

Advanced Cardiac: Normal

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