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About Us

Thank you for stopping by our page to learn more about us! My name is Heather, Noah and I have been together since we were only 18 years old. We don't have any children yet, but it sure feels like it with these dogs!

I started out "not a dog person." This was mostly due to the fact that I had never been around a well trained dog (or maybe just not a golden retriever in retrospect?). This took a complete turnaround when my husband, Noah, brought home a Golden Retriever (our field boy and pet, Miles) after I finished my M.S. in Computer Science and had started my software engineering career with the US Dept of Defense. Noah had wanted a pup for a while and did quite a bit of research on what breed would fit our lifestyle. Goldens were the perfect choice for us. Little did he know, this one decision would change the course of our lives because they are absolutely the best companions. It didn't take long for me to realize I wanted to spend my life alongside Golden Retrievers, spending just about all of my free time learning about the breed, training them, and showing them.

Miles was an incredibly patient and intelligent puppy. He was quick to learn and affectionate. His drive is phenomenal, he's energetic, and up for any adventure! (He's flown from coast to coast, visited the Golden Gate Bridge, played fetch in the Redwoods, swam in Padre Island, and in beaches in South Carolina.) He also loves a good hike, to camp, and kayak near our home in the beautiful Ozarks. Training him has been so much fun. He's eager to learn and he makes every day a joy.

He's a specialist at learning complex behaviors involving retrieving. Noah has trained Miles on command to go open the fridge using a rope, grab a drink or item placed in a certain area of the fridge, bring it to him gently, then go close the fridge again! It's pretty stunning to see the first time. Miles also helps with chores around here, after the girls eat Miles will go gather up their bowls on command. While mowing Miles will pick up sticks and limbs and just about anything that's in the way then move it to where you tell him to by pointing.

We finally moved back to Northwest Arkansas and got the country home we've always dreamed of, which is This included more land, so the natural "next step" was getting him a pal. This led us to our second golden companion, Winnie. She has a sweet spirit, is very driven, and also very intelligent. She has been a blast to train. We do Rally, Obedience, Scent Work, Dock Diving , and have dabbled in Conformation with her. We have even started practicing in field work. She is always very eager and motivated to learn. She's also a cuddler who has a real "off switch" and enjoys a good snooze. 


After bringing Winnie home, I was determined to learn the ropes of conformation shows with her while we were working on basic Obedience. While doing this, I got on a wait list with an astounding breeder who was willing to mentor me, for which I will forever be grateful. While waiting for our future show girl, I learned everything I could with Winnie, even though she's primarily my performance girl. We went to handling class every week, practiced, went to shows, and had a blast learning together. The bond I have with her is incredible. I found I have a passion for training and I joined lots of groups, training classes, new sports, and clubs to try to focus on learning as much as I could about dog sports, showing, golden retriever health, and even reputable breeding practices. 

Journey, our youngest, is an amazingly well-bred Golden Retriever who we have been graciously entrusted with. She has added another irreplaceable layer of love to our lives. We can't possibly say enough good things about her. Her temperament is astounding, she is beautiful, so intelligent, has impeccable conformation, and is very driven. We are actively showing her in Conformation, even though she's still young. She has already gotten Best Puppy Sporting Group (with competition), Best in Sweepstakes, several Reserve Winners Bitch, 2 Winners Bitch, and 2 Best of Winners. One of her reserves was at a specialty show, to a 5 point major after getting first in a very large and highly competitive 12-18 month class! She's also gotten several first in her class awards. She has even gotten an International Best in Show! All of these have been proudly Owner Handled, which adds an extra challenge that we love. In 2022, Journey went out with her wonderful handler and was presented beautifully. She finished her AKC Championship with 4 majors! We have also been doing Scent Work, Rally, and have started training some in Obedience with her. All of our dogs also love dock diving and performing tricks! Pretty soon we are planning to get involved in agility and work on field titles.


If we aren't at dog sporting events or practice, you can find us back at our peaceful grove in Northwest Arkansas. Here you will find us playing fetch, training our dogs, and riding bikes. Almost everything we do is with our little golden pack and we wouldn't have it any other way.


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